Interstellar Emissary

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We’re all travelers in an interstellar Carnival of Mirrors. As you venture out into deep playa, the Interstellar Emissary will be there to make contact.2015-02-10 21.21.38

Interstellar Emissary is a beacon in the night for space travelers: a brightly lit disc hanging in the night sky beyond the Man. As visitors approach, they will see that the disc is a form familiar to many, a message to spacefaring civilizations. Visitors will hear sounds from Earth, either as they pass under or as they sit on the benches.

The Desert Wizards of Mars are bringing it to the Playa in 2015.

2015-02-19 13.58.51

Humanity’s future is in space. Some people hope that extraterrestrials will come to Earth and
show us a new way; others think the aliens are already here. What would extraterrestrials do
if they encountered a message from humankind far from Earth? How can one begin to
understand a cultural artifact from an unknown civilization? As citizens of the cosmos, we
have a responsibility to consider how we might be regarded by the rest of the galaxy. By
thinking in such terms, we can achieve a greater sense of unity with Earth and our
neighboring planets.

This piece will inspire thought and discussion about our place in the cosmos by presenting
the image and message of the Voyager Disc: unity of life on Earth, and hope for humankind’s
future place among other spacefaring civilizations. The Black Rock Observatory connects
burners to the cosmos and seeks to inspire the next generation of daring scientists and
explorers. This piece will draw them to the Black Rock Observatory and will also provide a place to sit and
think about the future.