About DWOM

The Desert Wizards of Mars believes there should be no division between art and science when it comes to building inspirational creations that bring out the awe and wonder in us all.
One team of awesome builders. Two amazing projects in one incredible year.

One team of awesome builders. Two amazing projects in one incredible year.

Our Accomplishments

Human Spirit
The Desert Wizards of Mars designed and built a static art structure known as the Human Spirit.  The Human Spirit made its debut at Los Angeles Decompression, fall 2012.  The team then put the Human Spirit inside a burnable wooden structure known as the Seraphim for the 1st Annual Los Angeles Regional Burn (Bequinox 2013) where it emerged intact from a flaming inferno. The Human Spirit was modified by the Wizards for propane fire effects and then motorized to spin at 60 rpm when it was displayed at Los Angeles Decom 2013, marking a full year anniversary of its creation by the team.

Dustiny/Mars Rover Art Car
The Desert Wizards of Mars also took on a major project to convert a former art car (The Choo Choo Shoe) into a tribute to the landing of the real Mars Rover. Dustiny was designed and built by the Desert Wizards and taken to Burning Man 2013 where it made history as the first Art Car to be allowed in the inner circle on burn night, and the first art car to officially broadcast the burn over the internet, much like a real space probe would report back from another world. In 2014, the MRAC was one of three art cars that transported families from Kidsville out to the Black Rock Observatory, where kids and adults looked through our telescope, held a meteorite, and learned about science from our amazing crew.

Black Rock Observatory
We brought the Black Rock Observatory to Burning Man 2014, where our two domes were placed in deep playa on the 12:00 line beyond the Man and the Temple. Hundreds (thousands?) of people looked through our telescope! We also brought a solar telescope for daytime viewing. We had two nights of scientists giving lectures at the BRO, and an early morning sunrise concert provided by the amazing Charlie Dayburn: Dawn of the Burning Sun. Since Burning Man 2014, the BRO has been built more than 15 times at other venues, including Burning Man regionals, art events, school events, and scout events. The BRO crew loves to take people on a tour of the sky!

Interstellar Emissary
This is a future project currently being planned by the Desert Wizards for Burning Man 2015.  The project will consist of a large model of the Golden Record, a structure supporting the disc, and interactive sound and lighting.