Big Imagination’s 747 Project for Burning Man

The Desert Wizards of Mars are supporting the build of Big Imagination’s 747 Project for Burning Man. Many Desert Wizards are currently on the build site at the Mojave Airport working on the Boeing 747-400 aircraft that once flew for Yarig Airlines (a Brazilian carrier), then converted to a cargo aircraft. Presently, it is being converted into the largest art car to ever attend Burning Man.

Big Imagination IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign Video from Big Imagination on Vimeo.

The lead of Big Imagination, Ken Feldman, and the founder of the Desert Wizards of Mars, Charles White, share a common history in the building of the popular Charlie the Unicorn Art Car that has attended Burning Man since 2011 under the management of Camp Charlie. In 2013 Charles White set out on his own to build the Mars Rover Art Car and in 2014, Ken Feldman also set out to begin the preliminary work on the 747 by founding the Big Imagination non-profit organization.

The Desert Wizards of Mars seeks to intermix science and art together in ways that people can understand and participate with. With the addition in 2014 of the Black Rock Observatory and the 2015 Interstellar Emissary, our goal to create exciting venues for science and art have inspired not just Burning Man attendees, but also the general public and several school programs in what we call ‘the default world’.

Big Imagination is leading the way with the huge airplane that will feature talks by thought leaders and a venue for outrageous fun. How could the Desert Wizards not be a part of this bold audacious project to inspire imaginations? “No dream is out of reach”, said Ken Feldman — and the Desert Wizards fully support this message.

Take a look at The 747 Project’s fundraiser. Help support this awesome project if you can. And come find us on the playa!