Our Mission: Make a Positive Impact on Science Literacy

The Desert Wizards of Mars came together because a group of individuals – artists, scientists, builders, and makers – wanted to make an impact on science literacy. As seen all over the internet, the anti-science groups have taken hold and it is difficult for some people to separate fact from fiction. The Desert Wizards want to inspire everyone – adults and children from all backgrounds and from all socioeconomic groups – we want to inspire people to study the sciences and become more scientifically literate. To that end, we’ve built space-themed art that is designed to inspire awe and to encourage people to ask questions. We want you to fall in love with the heavens; to discover space; and to learn even a little bit more about the universe. We want you to Dare Mighty Things with us.

Desert Wizard Pat Rapp recently gave a talk at TEDxAllendaleColumbia, showing how YOU can help make an impact on science literacy, and why it’s so important. The theme of the TEDx event was “Dare to Defy.” The Desert Wizards of Mars defy stereotypes while encouraging everyone to learn and have fun.