The Interstellar Emissary

Interstellar Emissary is our newest art project! It’s an homage to the Voyager Spacecraft’s Golden Record. We’re building this as a way to entice people to think about space, future humans and other life in the universe, and our place in the vast cosmos. We’re bringing it to Burning Man 2015, but that’s not all. It’s our latest educational piece, so once we return from the desert we will be taking it “on the road” to other events, schools, science fairs, and maybe even a Maker Faire or two.

Please help us get this art built so we can share Science with the world! DONATE to the Interstellar Emissary!

Our fundraising campaign is here: http://igg.me/at/ie101010

We’re all travelers in an interstellar Carnival of Mirrors. As you venture out into deep Playa, the Interstellar Emissary will be there to make contact.

Interstellar Emissary

Coming to the Playa in 2015, the Interstellar Emissary will not only be a beacon guiding travelers to the Black Rock Observatory, it will also be a message to spacefaring civilizations.