Do-Ocracy? What Does That Mean?

by Phoenix della Mare


Being around the Burning Man community you start to pick up a lot of new words. They are words that could have meaning in every day life, but you would have never thought about prior to that first trip to the Playa. Words like MOOP (matter out of place), using the word radical in front of self-reliance… things like this. One word that I have repeatedly heard over the years is the word “Do-ocracy”.

This is the very core of what makes things tick at Burning Man. If you think something’s missing, if you want to see something at Burning Man, you make it happen. After all, Burning Man is a Do-ocracy.

It’s such an awkward word that has a lot of power behind it. It means you can help form the reality that is Burning Man.

So, what do the Mars Rover Art Car, Black Rock Observatory or Black Rock Astronomical Society have to do with this?

It’s simple. While there have always been quite a few people who would look at the stars while at the event, it was never accessible to the masses.

That is the core of what MRAC, BRO and BRAS want to bring to Burning Man. We seek to bring science and astronomy to the Playa. This is something that hasn’t been done before. We will bring science to more people through a more hands-on and approachable manner.

Sure, it sounds like a lofty goal. It’s also an achievable goal.

It’s also the very essence of Do-ocracy. We saw something that we found lacking at Burning Man. We are making it and filling that void.

The Do-ocracy is part of what makes Burning Man an ever-changing experience. It also makes it continuously unique. The word might sound funny, but it’s part of what helps nurture the creative spirit. MRAC, BRO and BRAS are the essence of the word Do-ocracy.