Who We Are

The Desert Wizards of Mars is a group of talented craftspeople, cooks, gofers, welders, stitchers, super-models, strippers, hot-tubbers, electricians, and misfit toys. We all come together to make science based art projects.

“Any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” once said Arthur C. Clark. That is the basis of what makes us Wizards we are because we hang out in harsh extreme environments of the Desert. Our eyes are always looking towards the stars, where our path leads to Mars and beyond. Thus, we really are the Desert Wizards of Mars.

Although we meet in Los Angeles, we attempt to provide things to do via the Internet for those remote Wizards, but it does require some effort on their part.

We have done the Human Spirit for Decom 2012, and Bequinox. We have built the Mars Rover Art Car (MRAC). We are rebuilding the Human Spirit for Decom 2013 and will continue mission operations of the MRAC.

Future projects may include “The Black Rock City Observatory and Science Center”. More details to come.